trishalishous (trishalishous) wrote in earth_nerds,

Recycling on Campus

Im studying at two Universities in Perth, Western Australia, and one thing Ive noticed is that there are hardly any recycling bins, and even if there are 1-2 on a campus they are miles away from where people sit to eat/drink/whatever, so noone uses them!

I realised this, when I took my empty coke bottle out to the car, cos it was easier than finding a recycling bin.

Has anyone else noticed this on their local university campus?

Do you think that certain unis might recycle more than others, due to a different range of students?

What can the uni do about this?

What can students do? I mean there are environmental officers, how much are they able to do?

And when you think about the PAPER wasted, I often write 6000 word essays, and rarely can I submit them and receive them back entirely online, saving the paper.
SOME faculties have paper recycling programs, but not all.

Whats your view?
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